Big dry prompts NSW authorities to expand early start to fire season

Extremely dry conditions across much of NSW have prompted authorities to increase the number of regions starting their official fire season on August 1.

From the start of next month, 10 local government areas in the state’s north-east will have tighter restrictions on burning.

The regions entering the bushfire danger period early include Kyogle, Lismore and the Richmond Valley, the NSW Rural Fire Service said.

The Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC is due to release its southern Australia bushfire outlook on September 5, with many areas expected to face a more active than usual summer.

Scientists say a climate shift towards drier winters has been evident for several decades across much of Australia, including the south-west and the south-east. Among other effects, fire authorities have narrower windows to conduct hazard reduction burns that can cut the risk of bushfires near population centres.

For more information, read the Sydney Morning Herald article here.


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