Fire Lookout Trees – Volunteer Fire Fighters of N.S.W.

Mick Holton from the Volunteeer Fire Fighters of New South Wales has the following to say:

We should be proud of our Aussie bush heritage and as a firefighter, I’m impressed at the way we have dealt with bush fires in the past.

I am also concerned about our massive fuel loads but in terms of detection and suppression, I pose the following question:

With modern technology on hand, why can’t we locate fires earlier and get onto them sooner?

It is a “no brainer” that a fire is best dealt with if we catch it in its early stages. The idea of early detection and early suppression has vastly reduced the frequency and severity of structural fires in Australia but can this principle be applied to the bush?

Fire Lookout trees have been used since the early 1900s and back then, the need for early detection was recognised and taken seriously, as the following article says.

The FireWatch Technology is state of the art technology for picking up the start of bush-fires and relaying that information before an escalation of the fire. Please click on the following link, and support the Australian National Early Fire Detection Network. Thank you!


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