Websites on Fire Alerts around Australia

Please  EXPAND THE POST BELOW for a List of official websites.   Click on the words “See more …  ”  in the Facebook Post.

REMEMBER, have your medication, ID, pets & valuables ready and your car with petrol in it, your mobile telephone charged and with credit, and take a radio with you, if you need to evacuate to a friend’s or family member’s house to get to Safety.

DON’T DELAY –   WATCH & ACT  doesn’t mean hang around watching, it means  LEAVE  for safety then “watch” for when you can safely return to your house.

Write down the phone number to receive updates from the Fire services or Department in your State, and take it with you.   IF you have nowhere to go to, go to a Police Station or to the Beach.   The Fire Department may set up a temporary Evacuation Centre for your area, which you can find out about on ABC Radio or getting in touch by phone with the Fire services in your State or with the Police, or getting this information from the Internet.



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