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Australian Bushfire and Climate Action Plan
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Australia is a country that not only has a lot of bush-land but also has a dry and hot summer.  This website is an attempt to generate polite and useful discussion on mitigating, preventing and extinguishing fires in Australia.

This website started out as a campaign for implementing the Australian National Firewatch Early Bushfire Detection Network.

Did you know that trials of FireWatch stalled in 2011? Did you know that “FireWatch” is an early detection device for Australian bushfires, which can analyse smoke data and send a photograph, map co-ordinates, temperature, wind speed and direction to fire control headquarters within six minutes of a blaze starting?

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FireWatch is INTEGRAL to the Australian Summer, to STOP bush-fires from escalating. Yet State and Federal organisations would not give up just $75,000 to continue meaningful or useful Stage 2 Trials.  Satellite images of hot-spots which may or may not be fires, and Simulation systems are not enough to detect bush-fires early, and put them out before they escalate, IF POSSIBLE.

Why FireWatch


No new coal, oil or gas projects.

100 percent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030, including biomass for bioenergy.

Funding for a just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel industry workers and communities.

Incentives for volunteer Fire-fighters

A rapid and full response to initial fires

More light water bombers, because they can do useful work assisting ground crews in the control of relatively mild-intensity bushfires – for aerial support

Desalination for water resources to put out fires

Increased trials of mechanical understorey removal

Write NOW to the Following, asking for the above.

the Australian Attorney-General

the Prime Minister of Australia       AND


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Go to the Blog or to our Facebook Page for Websites which publish current Fire Alerts, and for information on fire prevention, detection and extinguishment issues.




The most fundamental tool of the bushfire manager is not the fire tanker, the bulldozer, or even the water bomber. It is the match. The only way to minimise fire intensity and damage is by reducing the amount of fuel before a fire starts. Military people refer to this approach as the pre-emptive strike … we call it fuel reduction.

by Roger Underwood  –  Bushfire Front

If you too are frustrated by Australia’s reluctance to implement effective Fuel Reduction, please lobby the Politicians for pre-emption before fires escalate.

Go in the Survey to have your Say about the new Rural Fire Services organisation for Western Australia.  Click on the Picture below.


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Click HERE to see the Survey Results to date